Monday, May 31, 2010


Nixon 8 1/2 months

More updates on our life. Nixon now has 4 ish teeth. He is currently cutting through his 2 top teeth. Yikes. He doesnt like it very much but he is doing good considering how painful it must be. He bit me a few weeks ago while we were nursing. (not as bad as I thought, but still...ow!) I pushed him off and said NO in a very stern voice. He took one look at my face and started bawling. Needless to say I scooped him up and told him it was ok he was a good boy. He hasn't sunk his teeth into me since. Cross your fingers it stays that way. Especially since he will have 4 chompers now. Whoo. I do have to say that I am proud we have help on to nursing this far. I hope we will make it a year (September) or a little passed that. Its hard work for sure, but worth it. He is a funny guy. He will throw an all out fit to nurse. Crawl to me crying and if I put him down , the world is coming to an end in his eyes. But about oh 2 minutes into nursing once the edge of hunger is taken away, he will look at me and giggle and smile and then try to find dad then blow raspberries and attempt to make a break for it. All that crying for what?? Babies.

Some other new things. Nixon is eating solid solids now. We eat bread, mac n' cheese, bananas, and anything he can gum pretty well. He like having whatever mom is having. Occasionally if he is really quick he will swipe whatever I have with both hand and shove it in his mouth before I can take it back. He is definitely a boy in that way. He is also an army crawlin fool and quick at that too. He will get up on hands and knees, but then decide, eh, sliding on my tummy is a lot faster. He like to come find me now when he has a poopy diaper, and his mission in life is to get the dog, so he will take off after her any chance he has. But give him something and flashes or makes noise and he will stay put, at least for a little while:)

Well, the last NEW thing is that mom has the summer off! YES! That means I am some what stress free for 2 months. All though, I am just as worn out taking care of Nixon all day as I am working and taking care of Nixon. I just dont have the added stress of grading, pumping, washing bottles, making a lunch, getting Nixon's bag together, dropping him off and picking him up. Whoo. All the small things that a mom does.

Anywho, I love summer. We will have fun in the pool, taking swimming lessons, and just learning. More pics to come:)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Been a Long Time

Hi all! As you can tell, I have been bussssy (seeing how I havent posted in months). I have been juggling working, trying to work out, and boy. So not a whole lot of down time. Not even to eat. Boy wonder, Nixon, is getting so so big. He is 7 1/2 months now and reaching some major milestones. He is sitting by himself, has two teeth and just started army crawling:) I have 3 more weeks of teaching then its me and boy all the time! Can't wait! Here are some pics to update you all:)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Go Cards!!!
After church, we got a little silly and put on our Cardinals gear to watch the game we DVRd. Unfortunately the cards lost and we turned off the game like half way through, but on the up side Nixon looked really cute in his jersey:) He are a couple pics.

Date Night

Date Night:)
Yummy and cute Starbucks cupcake. This paired with a peppermint hot chocolate. Mmmm. My favorite:)
Yummy Watson:) jk. Jude Law was perfect and reminded me a bit of my Dallas:)
I decided he is Watson and Im Holmes.He has the jaw line, and I have the name:)
Holmes on Holmes

Saturday night Dallas and I took the opportunity to head out for a date night. We were a little sicky, but we loaded up on the meds and cough drops, dropped Nixon off with an excited Grandma Nesie, and headed out. Someburros was our first stop which turned out to be an unfortunate choice for breast feeding later:) After the spicy, but sinus clearing dinner we made it to a 7:45 Holmes. I have been waiting for this movie for a while. Its my namesake and all. Sherlock WAS the only famous Holmes before Katie. I never made it big:) 
Anywhos. I highly recommend the film to anyone who wants to be entertained. It was perfectly casted and the plot was something I didnt expect. Jude Law, who is so dreamy:), is perfect as Watson. And Rachel McAdams is adorable. Anyway, I was totally excited for this movie. Go see it:)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010

Happy New Year to everyone. Dallas, Nixon, and I celebrated the coming of a new year with a CRAZY night of Wii games. My dad used some Christmas money to get a family gaming system so we spent the night playing. Dallas was the best by far as usual, but I did knock him out in the boxing several times. It was exhausting. We played Mario cart and I was Queen for a couple rounds then just sucked it up. 
The rest of the night we just watched Glen Beck laugh at the country (Joe's choice) and Travis Pastrana's Red Bull jump which the DVR cut off. Ha! I had to you tube it. Dallas and Nixon fell asleep before Midnight. My dad and his wife barely made it. Then it was lights out right after. I stayed up til 1 just to make myself feel better. LOL. Welcome to the rest of my life right. Not that I was ever a party animal. I fall asleep wherever and whenever I can. My parents never had to worry about me getting in trouble bc Id rather sleep then be mischievous. LOL so the boring life of a mom is an easy adjustment:) 
Well in conclusion, bye to 2009. You brought me a year full of excitement. From pregnancy to moving twice, from having a sweet baby boy and starting a family to fighting with uninformative insurance peoples. I didnt go anywhere or buy anything amazing well besides a new used jeep:) But it has been a wonderful year. Things are falling into place to form the rest of my life and I hope that they keep coming into this new year of 2010. :)
Joe(my dad) got a little crazy and bought a Wii for New Years. He and Dallas were havin it out in tennis. Obviously Joe gets into it. Very funny:) 
Nixon loved the Wii too he sat with mom and watched daddy do his thing.
Here is Nixon's POV. I think he just loved the colors:)
Dad and Nixon cozy New Years Eve. Gwen moved as far away from the baby as possible:)
My handsome man chillin. He wears a bib now on a regular basis cause he is a drool machine. I just hope teeth aren't coming too soon. Ouch.
This was Santa's present to Nixon and boy does he love it. The first time I put him in he looked at me and just giggled (his 2nd time only) he LOVES it!
He took a special taking to the toucan which is funny bc his cousin loved her toucan too:)
This is his "hey mama" look. What you don't see after is his shy smile while he shows what he can do:)

Thursday, December 31, 2009

More Christmas

Yay!!! for the bumbo. We put him in and he smiled right away! He loves it!
Nixon is getting better at holding up his head

Stretchin those hammies

Lang loves Auntie's (Jenn's) new running shoes:)
Jenn and Nixon ready to open all of Nixon's gifts. Nixon looks preturbed.:)
Pretty Lang. She loved the singing puppy(Dallas' white elephant present)

Everyone is waiting for Uncle Joey
After the opening. Theres the mess.
Merry Christmas